Charles Barkley, the Hypocrite.


Charles Barkley. Love him or hate him, he is a truly polarizing character nowadays. He has something to say about everything and a lot of the times it becomes controversial. Now I am a huge fan of Barkley’s. I think what he has to say for the most part is valid and he can usually back it up, and not to mention those TNT guys are the best sports show on television, it is pure hilarity, but this week he made a comment about the Kyrie Irving situation that completely contradicts statements he has previously made about other players.

This week Barkley said in an interview on NBA TV: “I don’t understand the Kyrie situation. This generation of players — you want to be on a good team. You want to play with other great players. This notion where you want to be the man, I just think is so stupid. If I got a chance to play with another great player, I want to do that. I mean, the objective is to win.”

Hmmmm that seems like an interesting comment coming from someone who just as recently as last year was bashing Kevin Durant for joining up with the Golden State Warriors so he could win, “It undermines the integrity of the game. As a fan, I don’t want to have my team out of it by day one.”

So which is it Charles? Because Kyrie is giving you what you want, trying to bring back parody to the game. I understand that he is not a franchise-changing player like LeBron but he is a top-tier basketball player that can greatly help a team, and you’re saying that his move is stupid? But you also think that a player joining a good team to win is destroying the integrity of the game?

You don’t want a guy to join a winning team, but you also don’t want an individual to leave that good team and try to carve their own path and be “the guy” on another team, so what is ok for you Charles?

Not to mention the fact that Barkley was commenting on the Kevin Durant situation like he didn’t request to be traded twice in his career to increase his chances of winning a championship. Hypocrisy.

If you think about the KD and the Kyrie situations, they exact opposites of each other and Barkley doesn’t agree with either. Irving just went to three straight NBA finals and now wants out. While KD couldn’t get past the Warriors, so he teamed up with them and won a championship. I don’t necessarily agree with Kyrie’s decision if he wants to win, I think he is in the best situation to win, but maybe that’s not what it is about for him right now, he already has won. I respect that about Irving, if he wants to be “the man” he cannot become that under LeBron’s shadow. He is simply controlling his own fate, and quite frankly, doing to LeBron what LeBron would be doing to him next year in free agency, leave Cleveland.

If Barkley thinks winning is the highest priority then how can he bash Kevin Durant for literally making a winning decision? Barkley needs to get his words straight and decide what is ok to him, or at least come out and recognize the hypocrisy in his statements. If he is going to be one of the key opinions in the game of basketball the least he could do is not be a hypocrite.





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