Mock Draft 2.0

This week our fantasy league had our draft order set, I got the 6th pick. Here is a mock draft that I did that mirrored my league. It was a 10-team PPR, snake draft. Here are my results and my analysis of each pick. If I have a same pick as I did in my first mock draft then I will try to cover something different.

Round 1- Julio Jones: I felt ok about the 6th pick because I just barely made it into getting one of the top 6 players, after those 6 there are more questions and concerns (the 6 are: David Johnson, Le’veon Bell, Ezekiel Elliot, OBJ, Antonio Brown and Julio Jones). So I was able to snag Julio. In the top offense last year he was a monster and he should only see the same amount of targets and still be the centerpiece of the offense. The only question about Julio is the injuries, if he can stay on the field he may be the #1 receiver at the end of the year.

Round 2- Jordy Nelson: I am not sure how I was able to snag Jordy here on the turnaround, I thought he would be gone for sure. So pairing Jordy with Julio  was a no-brainer. The #1 receiver on an Aaron Rodgers led football team? I will take that all day. And last year he was coming off an ACL tear and he still put up monster numbers, he will only be more comfortable this year.

Round 3- DeAndre Hopkins: I went with the receiver heavy route here in this draft, these are 3 guys that have potential to be the #1 receiver, and have all done it in the past 5 years. DeAndre had a tough year last year, and explicably so with Brock Osweiler as the QB. Now with an adequate QB, whether it be Savage or Watson, he should see some better throws. And with the injury to Will Fuller just the other day, he again will see more targets.

Round 4- Jordan Reed: I went with a top TE here. If healthy, this guy is as good as they come at the TE position. He is the focal point of the offense now with Desean Jackson and Pierre Garcon gone, he has Terrell Pryor to help stretch the field on the outside and the football team in Washington will throw the ball A LOT! The concussions are always a concern, but if Reed can stay on the field, look for a dominant season.

Round 5- Joe Mixon: I finally took my first running back, and I like this class of young guys, so I was ok with taking a young RB this late. I like Fournette, McCaffrey, and Mixon a lot. McCaffrey and Mixon will be dynamic and shifty, the receptions also give them a boost in PPR format, while Fournette will be a bruiser, possibly getting 15-20 carries per game.

Round 6- Spencer Ware: I was excited to get this guy as my RB2. He will be a solid option in this offense as he always is. His backup, Kareem Hunt, has been getting high praise in these training camps and may be a guy who will play more of a role and take some touches from Ware.

Round 7- Russell Wilson: Looking back on this draft I wouldn’t have taken a QB in the 7th round, if I am already waiting this late, I might as well grab a late round guy and stock up on position players. I do like Wilson, he was the last of the “top-tier” guys. I like him because of his mobility and ability to keep the play alive, he was injured last year and didn’t quite look like his full self. With his weapons, he should have a solid year.

Round 8- Mike Gillislee: I was pumped to get this guy as a backup running back for me, because he is a starter. He is taking on the LaGarrette Blount role, who piled up touchdowns last year. And Gillislee looked good in his shorts stints with the Bills. If one of my other guys doesn’t perform, Gillislee will be a solid option to have. I’m getting this guy in as many leagues as possible, especially as a backup.

Round 9- Desean Jackson: I love his speed and his hands and his surrounding cast. With Mike Evans and Cameron Brate out there the field should be wide open for Desean, and Jameis is in a bit of a make or break season, so look for Desean to catch a few 40+ bomb touchdowns this year.

Round 10- Kareem Hunt: *Insert smirk emoji here* This guy could possibly take Spencer Ware’s starting role if he shows in-game promise. This guy is dynamic and Andy Reid will find ways to use his playmakers, just like he did with Tyreke Hill last year. One of my favorite sleepers, if he is one. If you draft Ware, make sure to grab Hunt too.

Round 11- DeVante Parker: This guy may end up being the #1 receiver for the Dolphins this year. He is their down-field threat. After the Tannehill injury scare today I was going to be down on him, but with the news of no structural damage in Tannehill’s knee I think he will be good to go by the regular season and DeVante will benefit from his presence.

Round 12- Tyrell Williams: I love this guy right now, I think people are forgetting about how much Phillip Rivers loves this guy. And with Mike Williams’ health in question and Keenan Allen coming off a nasty knee injury, Tyrell Williams will see a healthy share of looks and don’t forget, he was the most targeted Charger in the red-zone last year.

Round 13- Broncos D/ST: I figured I might as well snag the best D on the board. I was already feeling good about my team so I reached a little bit for a defense, for this defense I am ok with that reach. Will be no worse than top 5 this year, probably top 3.

Round 14- Justin Tucker: The best kicker in the game, hands down. He has it all, accuracy and a pure boot. He drills kicks in nasty weather consistently. Once again, a slight reach to get the best player at the position.

Round 15- Alvin Kamara: I love this guy for the Saints. He will most likely be the third down back, but look for him to have a good chunk of receptions this year. The Saints like this guy and so do I. A great change of pace back and he is quick and shifty. Will bring even more excitement to the Saints offense.

Round 16- Josh Doctson: After missing basically his entire rookie season, this guy is looking to bounce back and prove himself in a big way. He is a big, physical receiver and like I mentioned earlier, this is that team in Washington, they will chuck the ball A TON.

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