Fantasy Awakening

“Welcome back to life!”  It’s what I said to myself today as I was doing my first few fantasy football mock drafts today. I finally felt complete again, a purpose and a drive. Few things in this life capture my attention like the rush and competition of fantasy football. I’ve been playing fantasy football for about 7 years now and commissioner of my league for the last 5 years. I logged into my ESPN Fantasy Football app licking my chops today, and after completing a few mock drafts I feel at home again. There is nothing quite like kicking back on Sundays and watching your team bring you to new heights, or drive you absolutely batshit crazy as you watch your star players cough up your matchup. I would just like to say to all fantasy football players and sports fans, we are upon the best time of the year, so cherish it, read this blog (maybe I can provide some insight), and kick some fantasy ass. I have shared one of the teams I drafted and will go through my reasoning for each pick. This was a random mock draft and I was assigned the 4th overall pick. Granted not all were my top picks but I will justify each, and give possible concerns.

Round 1- Ezekiel Elliot: He was an absolute stud last year and that O-line hasn’t changed, they seem to want to get him more involved in the passing game this year, but let’s hope, for fantasy sake, that he doesn’t get suspended or that the looming suspension isn’t too long.

Round 2- Michael Thomas: Outstanding rookie year, looking to build off of that. With the exit of Brandin Cooks, Thomas is all of the sudden vaulted to the #1 receiver on a New Orleans Saints team that is a top offense year in and year out.

Round 3- Rob Gronkowski: I know, I know, the injuries, Brandin Cooks, many factors are pointing towards a down Gronk year, but I have a feeling he bounces back this year. And a healthy Gronk is a fantasy nightmare for other teams. It’s like having a #1 receiver at your TE position. Take the chance.

Round 4- Tom Brady: Coming off an MVP-worthy season, and the Patriots reloaded with talent, he is a no-brainer choice. He was suspended 4 games and still threw for 28 TDs and only 2 INTs. Plus I am a big fan of a good QB/receiver pair. So pairing Brady with Gronk is about as good as it gets so long as both of them stay healthy.

Round 5- Larry Fitzgerald: Good ol’ (literally I mean OLDDDD) Larry Fitz. No matter what this guys’ age is or what anybody says about him, he consistently produces, year after year. This is a safe pick as a WR2 this year.

Round 6- Joe Mixon: I hate this guy for what he did, but he has done and said all the right things since the video of the vicious assault came out. But this guy is a player. Fantasy-wise, he may be my biggest sleeper. I think this guy will end up being an RB1 in PPR formats. Just needs to keep his head on straight and he will be a star in this league.

Round 7- Martavis Bryant: Another guy that I think people have forgotten about and are going to sleep on. It is a dynamic offense and Martavis is the deep threat. With his size and speed, I would lookout for a big bounce-back season. So long as he can STAY OFF THE WEEEEEEDDDDD, then I think he has a big year.

Round 8- Desean Jackson: Little guy, with big speed. Paired up with Mike Evans, now OJ Howard, Desean will have room to run, and with Jameis developing, this will be a nice addition for the Bucs, a lot of mouths to feed, but luckily they all have different roles.

Round 9- C.J. Prosise: I LOVE this guy. Watching him last year had me licking my chops to get him this year. Although the Seahawks signed Eddie Lacy, Prosise will be in on 3rd downs and will make enough of an impact to get some early down touches too. This guy is as shifty and dynamic as anybody in the league and if he performs early, look for him to grab the starting role like he did last year.

Round 10- Adrian Peterson: I am a Saints fan so I took a flier on Adrian and in the 10th round I think that is worth it. He is a sizable downgrade in PPR formats, but just remember the last time he came back from injury… 2,097 yards. Nuff said.

Round 11- Randall Cobb: There are a lot of mouths to feed in Green Bay especially with the emergence of Devante Adams, and Cobb always has injury struggles, but with how the Packers lack a running game, expect them to throw it 50 times a game and Cobb will be on the receiving end of a few of those.

Round 12- Tyrell Williams: Phillip Rivers’ favorite red zone target. With the way the Chargers throw the ball expect Tyrell Williams to have a solid year. The Chargers did add Mike Williams as well, but he is already a little banged up. Look for Tyrell to have another solid year.

Round 13- Jameis Winston: In all honesty, this one got auto-picked for me. But I needed a backup and I feel like with the weapons around him, if he doesn’t have a breakout year, maybe it will never come. I expect Jameis to have a solid year, but he scares me.

Round 14- Matt Bryant: 2nd best kicker in the game in my opinion behind Justin Tucker. He plays in a dome, might not have the biggest boot, but he has one of the most accurate boots. And really that’s what you want when drafting a kicker.

Round 15- Cardinals D/ST: Patrick Peterson. Dual threat on defense and on special teams. They are always a stout defense. Their offense is what scares me this year, hopefully they don’t lean on their defense and tire them out.

That concludes my first draft. I will be posting more, and this blog will not only focus on fantasy football but the entire sports climate. Whatever is popular in sports and on my mind, it will be covered. So please enjoy and read!



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